The Prairies Book Review:

“A flat-out fabulous memoir…

In this lyrical and occasionally philosophical account, Laurika narrates her time spent as a drifter on a journey of self-discovery. With a secure job, a husband, and a cozy home, things seem to be going great for Laurika, but the disquiet within is entirely another matter.

To search for self, Laurika steps out into the world, leaving everything behind. She details her journey as she transverses the vibrant streets of London and the small South African towns such as Riversdale, Robertson, Cederberg, Cape Town among others. She takes readers into the heart of the wintery Chicago, its free concerts in Grant park, capturing the taste of Chicago Festival as she recalls her time spent with her husband there. Laurika admits the experience is not always easy, but she finds satisfaction in it.

Richly constructed descriptions of local attractions, crackling with the vibrant energy of places well-lived in, and interspersed with candid, discerning analyses of Laurika’s search for self, this is a fascinating book.

Both the travel buffs and lovers of spiritual fiction will be rewarded.”

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