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I have always made up stories in my head. I see my whole life as one amazing story that continues to get chapters added to it every day. I can’t imagine a life without them. In fact, I’m so passionate about writing that I have the word ‘write’ tattooed on my wedding ring finger.

As a journalist and newspaper editor I’ve written for magazines and newspapers in the UK and South Africa.

As a creative writer I have a published book called A Dreamer’s Life: Finding Freedom. It’s available on my book page. A Dreamer’s Life explores the concept of freedom and asks what it means to be truly free. It takes you on a journey of self-discovery, one that weaves between dreams and reality. You can read more about it here.

My work has also appeared in the anthology Words Made Flesh, published by Treehouse Press. Edited by Maggie Hammond and Shaun Levin.

communications consultant

I am a communicator who specialises in telling stories. I find gold nuggets in the mundane and can help you shape both your own and your company’s messages. I’ve worked with organisations like: Microsoft, Cisco, Text 100, Hotwire PR, Compuware and EasyNet.

My strength lies in my decades of experience in developing and managing international communications plans for global organisations. I’m a great storyteller and a patient and supportive spokesperson trainer. And yes, I write a mean messaging document.

I also enjoy working with small businesses and individuals to help them develop their business strategy and tell their company and personal stories. Examples: charities, hairdressers, psychic and energy healers, musicians and photographers.

My LinkedIn profile: Laurika Bretherton

energy worker and workshop host

I work with healing energies. It is part of my life’s goal to help people find their purpose in life, to help them find their stories and the courage to express them freely.

I use visualisation, meditation, Reiki and card readings. I regularly host meditation and mindfulness workshops and I also teach Reiki classes to people who want to learn how to give Reiki to themselves and others. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that releases stress, heals your physical body and helps you build your confidence.

Find out more on my Reiki page.


A South African by birth, I’ve lived in Namibia, USA, the UK and Sweden. I’m a world nomad who travels and lives where my soul feels at home. My love for life increases exponentially when I walk, take random buses and read about people who are a little different. Patti Smith, Frida Kahlo and Keith Richards are my guides. I can spend a whole day staring out the window of a bus watching the world go by, or walk on busy city streets, small towns where time stood still, down dusty country lanes, in flower-filled parks, in silent forests where the trees are the only witnesses to my passing, or at the edge of a wild foamy ocean.

I am a collector. I collect stories and people and little gifts left by the universe for me to find when I go walking. Things like stones, shells, pieces of metal and plastic. I pick up anything that catches my eye. I keep these gifts and when the time is right I take them out, make small hanging sculptures with them and write stories about the art on my old Erika typewriter.

on a technical note

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. I am a certified Usui Reiki master teacher and Reiki for animals practitioner. I have certification in both tarot and oracle card reading.

Over the years, I’ve performed a great many jobs. A shortlist includes: newspaper features editor, making fudge in my mom’s kitchen, selling make-up at a department store, cleaning dog cages at a humane society, volunteering at The Samaritans Suicide Helpline in the UK, offering emotional support at a London prison, energy healer, Reiki teacher, meditation teacher, dog and house sitting, and the one I’m extremely proud of: a bunny girl at a casino.

The final few years before making my dream of becoming a fulltime writerartist and energy worker a reality were spent as communications manager: Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia at global tech company, Cisco.


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