mini healing gifts | acceptance and gratitude

How much time do we have? What do we do with the time that we have?


As I get older I ask myself these questions more. It feels as if time is no longer limitless.  How many years do I have left? I cannot say. It may be more than I think, or less.


My inability to answer this question made me realize that it doesn’t really matter, does it? It really doesn’t matter if I have 20 years or 10 or one year or two months or three weeks.


What matters is that I use the time that I do have. Use it well.

I’m not talking about productivity or efficiency. These are modern day useless concepts. These words don’t allow you to live.


I am talking about enjoyment and contentment. I’m talking about living in the moment and loving my life. Loving all the parts of my life. Not only the happy parts but also the struggles and pain and sadness.


And so I made a deal with myself. I will find joy and peacefulness in my life. I find it through acceptance and gratitude.


Accepting when something works out differently to what I wanted. Having faith in the process of life’s flows. Knowing that the way things are now is exactly where they are supposed to be.


Adding a little bit of gratitude to this pot makes for the best cup of tea. Feeling grateful for all things, the good stuff and the horrible stuff, the big things and the small things. Some things teach me hard lessons while others make my heart smile.


This is how I choose to spend the time I have left on this magical blue planet. I spend it enjoying my beautiful life. 


weekly chakra balancing meditation

Join me Sunday on Zoom for a guided chakra balancing meditation.

During this gentle guided visualisation we will be working with the seven main chakras in our bodies. We will use color, light, and words to bring them back into balance. 

Do join me! It is free for anyone who wants to take part.

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about books | remote healing by maria sagi

I recently read Remote Healing: Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field written by Maria Sagi, PH.D.

One sentence in the foreword by Ervin Laszlo sums it up perfectly: “This is an unusual book, and it is an unusually important one.” I highly recommend you read this book if your are interested in energy healing or any type of healing for that matter, including modern healthcare.

Let me know what you think of the book and the discussion about the book.