Book Review: Become a Medical Intuitive

Book Review: Become a Medical Intuitive, Tina M Zion

So, about a year ago, it may be longer or a little less because time is very fluid for me, I picked up this book called Become a Medical Intuitive: Complete Developmental Course by Tina M Zion. It looked interesting but at the time I wasn’t in the right headspace for this book, so I put it away.

Then two months ago I re-discovered it on my Kindle and as soon as I opened it, I was hooked. This book is a gem for anyone who is interested in developing their intuition. You do not have to focus on becoming a healer to appreciate this book. I can recommend it for anyone who wants to develop their intuition.

It’s full of so many practical examples and exercises, which, by the way, I recommend you do. Just try them out. They are so easy to follow.

I think anyone who’s interested in developing their intuition should read this book, because it gives you the tools to help you to TRUST your intuitive senses. It doesn’t go into woo-woo stuff or even some strange scientific explanations. It just gives you exercises and examples and you do the rest.

One of the things that stood out big time for me is how Tina connects intuition with imagination. Fantastic! Yes! She so gently explains how the two are really the same thing.

She says: “Intuition will always seem and feel like your imagination. I will repeat that. It will always feel like your imagination.”

She also discusses how our ability to daydream helps us to develop our intuitive senses. Yes, you read that right. You have got to know how to daydream. And if you’re a person that is not familiar with daydreaming, there is a whole exercise on how to help you start.

I, on the other hand, never had a problem with daydreams. If there is one thing I can do well, it’s that. During my entire school career, I had a recurring sentence in almost every school report, almost every year: Laurika daydreams too much. Or Laurika has a problem with daydreaming.

So, for me when Tina tied daydreams, imagination and intuition into one beautiful bow, it just clicked in a way it has never done before. And it gave me much more confidence and faith in my intuitive senses.

Such a great book. I can go on and on, about the section on meditation, Chakras and Auras, Spiritual Helpers, how to not let your own energy influence the reading and the practical steps on learning to do this in a way that feels comfortable for you.

Instead I will conclude with a line from the book:

“The more you live your truth and live your dreams, the healthier you become.”

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