learn to rebalance your chakras

learn how to rebalance your chakras through visualization, light, color, and words. 

what you will learn

With this 60 minute session via Zoom, you will experience the healing power that lies inside of you.

You will use colour, light, words and sound to activate and rebalance your chakras.

You will tap into your own inner energies to assist you in removing some of those blockages to personal development and spiritual growth.

You will begin to co-create the life your heart desires.

This is a beautiful tool that you can use anytime in your life and on your soul journey.

client feedback

“A wonderfully warm and understanding person, Laurika put me completely at ease and I found our session incredibly helpful.” – Google Review

“One thing I cherish about Laurika is her quiet mystery, maturity and unselfishness as a spiritual practitioner.” Jeanne-Marie Taylor, Medium and Spiritual Teacher


Please contact me if you wish to book a time or have a real life class. Just click on the link below to send me a message.