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seven chakra tarot reading


An in-depth tarot card reading focussing on your seven main chakras. This reading will highlight the status of each of your chakras and what you can do bring balance to each one. A fifteen minute distance energy clearing for your chakras during the reading is also included.


Our Chakras form an important part of our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is through our Chakras that energy enters and exits our bodies. We have seven major Chakras and these need to be in balance for us to function properly. If they are out of balance we can feel ungrounded, confused and even become ill. It is therefore a great practice to regularly bring them into balance and to clear them.

This reading will identify the current state of each one of your Chakras. As well as what you can do to bring them into balance or to keep them in balance.

This is a 21-card spread with three cards per chakra from the root to the crown.

breakdown of each set

Card One: Specific Chakra
Card Two: Current State of that Chakra
Card Three: What can you do to bring this Chakra into balance OR How can continue to keep them balanced
PLUS One additional card to tie the whole reading together

what you will receive via email

Eight photos: One of the overall spread and seven individual images reflecting the Chakra readings
A detailed, but to the point, written explanation of your reading – including activities that will help you bring your unbalanced Chakras into balance
A PDF with a general outline of all the Chakras and their meanings

(You will receive this within three days of your payment being received)

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I believe that our minds, bodies and souls are guided by the Chakras and when we know where each one is at, we can really begin to rebalance our lives. I am excited to help you on this path. Each reading is important to me and I take my time to understand and tune into the messages I receive for you.


Tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only. I am not a healthcare professional. I do not diagnose or treat disease. I do not tell you what to do. What I do, is share the messages I receive.

Life is a beautiful place and my readings will have a positive angle, even when the cards reflect some bumps in the road. I believe in the end things always work out for us one way or another.

No under 18s please

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