mini tarot card reading


A short card reading session via Skype or Zoom. Approx 15 to 20 minutes. This reading works best for a single theme or question. We will use a combination of tarot and oracle cards.

See below for more details.


This reading helps you to find clarity on a question that’s on your mind. It can be about career, love or general wellbeing.

This reading gives you a general guidance towards the future.

this is a fifteen minute Skype or Zoom call

We will use a combination of tarot and oracle cards.

what you will receive from me

My full attention for the time we are on the call. A detailed, but to the point, reading combined with Reiki energy healing. 

After the call you will also receive an image of your reading and a recording, if there are no technical gremlins present.

Please include your email address in the little box when you place your order so that I can contact you

I believe that our minds, bodies and souls are guided by an inner wisdom. And when we touch that part of ourselves, we can really begin to rebalance our lives.

I am excited to help you on this path. Each reading is important to me and I take my time to understand and tune into the messages I receive for you.

Life is a beautiful place and my readings will have a positive angle, even when the cards reflect some bumps in the road. I believe in the end things always work out for us one way or another.


Tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only. I am not a healthcare professional. I do not diagnose or treat disease. I do not tell you what to do. What I do, is share the messages I receive.

No under 18s please

client feedback

“Wow!! That was such a fantastic reading Laurika! Well done for such a detailed and accurate interpretation. I love how you put your own intuitive magic in this – and you have done a perfect job.” – Sal Jade

“I was sceptical but after the actual reading that has changed.” – Festival Client

“One thing I cherish about Laurika is her quiet mastery, maturity and unselfishness as a spiritual practitioner. …Laurika allows the spiritual messages themselves – rather than her own persona or personal narratives, appearance, branding or desire for popularity – to remain front and center. This, to me, is the best and highest standard for how practitioners can serve humanity.” – Jeanne-Marie Taylor, World class Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher.

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