the healing journey

I create monthly healing guides on Patreon to help you nourish and rebalance your soul. Every month we explore a different healing theme.

every month you will have access to:

A guided meditation video
A discussion video focused on the month’s healing theme
An activity sheet filled with things to do or think about – printable pdf
Daily journal prompts for those of you who like to journal – printable pdf
General updates throughout the month to keep you inspired – including oracle card posts

the themes for 2020 are:

January: New beginnings
February: Making time for self-care
March: Creating balance in your life
April: Living life with gratitude
May: Nurturing kindness
June: Releasing anger and becoming more peaceful
July: Developing your intuition
August: Becoming more mindful
September: All about love
October: Feeling safe in the crazy world
November: Letting shit go 
December: Making your life joy-filled

what is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where you can subscribe to individual creators and have access to original content. It helps creators like me, to connect with people like YOU and create a community and support system. You can cancel your pledge at anytime! 

Walk with me on this joyful journey or healing and self discovery here: