fearless freedom talk

I have spoken to audiences about the healing power of self-acceptance. I use personal humorous stories based on life experiences and leave the audience with actionable takeaways that are immediately applicable to creating a free life.

As a life story coach with a background in spirituality and psychology, I thrive on conversations ranging from the quest for self-acceptance and healing, to discovering your personal life story, to finding the courage to express your story fearlessly, to living a free life.

I speak not only from my own transformation of overcoming the effects of trauma and fear to creating my extraordinary life, but also from 18 years of studying, implementing and teaching concepts of healing, spirituality, philosophy and psychology. I love connecting with people and audiences all over the world through my personal stories of what it truly looks like to live life fearlessly and on your terms.

I also moderate and conduct live interviews with other experts and authors.  To have me speak at your conference or event, email me at laurika.bretherton@gmail.com.

contact me for more information or to talk at your next event - laurika.bretherton@gmail.com