I am a healer and a teacher. It is part of my life’s goal to help people bring balance into their lives. Together we create a safe space where you can rebuild your strength and begin your journey towards personal and spiritual growth.

Learn how to meditate with me. Class information here.

Learn Reiki with me via Zoom. Reiki 1 here. Reiki 2 here

Book me me for a 60 minute healing and chakra balance session on Zoom. 

Attend my free chakra balance meditation every Sunday. More info here

Trust me to do a tarot card reading for you to assist you with balancing your chakras. 

Sign up for a three-hour workshop (example) with the aim to live more mindful.

Book me for a talk on mindful living  (example) at your next company, association or community event. 

I also make healing and card reading videos on YouTube.

If you have questions or want to know a little more about my services, please drop me an email. I am a friendly! laurika.bretherton@gmail.com

You can find out my schedule here: news