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The mind takes seven seconds to decide whether it likes someone or not. The modern version of this is the first sentence of your website or bio.

The first meeting of you or your brand today is usually online. Which means that your bio and about me page is your seven seconds to make that first impression.

I can help you to create a great first impression. A personalised bio written for you incorporating your talents, skills, interests and personality.

You will discover, with my guidance, the little things that can be used to build your experience into a beautiful story that you will feel proud to share.

I am a skilled story teller. I’ve worked in the communications departments of global organisations in the US, UK and South Africa. As a journalist and features editor, I’ve learned to find the gold nuggets in any story and bring them to life.

how this works

I will send you a questionnaire via email (don’t worry it isn’t a long one) for you to complete. It will help me to get an idea of you, your brand and interests before our call.

Once you’ve sent me your response, we have an hour-long chat at a time convenient for us both.

We spend this hour talking about you, your business, your goals, your interests, all the things that will help us find the special things that makes you shine.

Two days later you will have a one page bio in your mailbox.

Plus, a short version between 200 and 300 characters long for your social media profiles.

30-minutes worth of editing is included in the price if you feel you need changes.

what you get

  • A questionnaire for clarification and exploration.
  • A one hour call doubling as a motivational session to help you stay confident and positive and on track with your goals.
  • A one-page bio customised to your goals and interests. It can be used in many ways: on your website, LinkedIn, job application, backgrounder at events and speaking opportunities. The list is endless.
  • A short bio of 200 to 300 characters long for social media profiles and any other short profile listings.
  • An additional 30 minutes editing time.

Cost – £95

If you are looking for a standard bio covering a long list of your skills and a short one about your interests, things like I enjoy reading and listening to music, then this service is not for you.

If you want to make a great first impression with a personalised bio that reveals your personality effortlessly combined with your skills, click the link here and sign up today. Or, alternatively, drop me a line. If you have any questions or want to know a little more about my other services, do the same. I am a friendly!

Finally if you are an artist or an energy worker and you have cashflow issues, I am open to barter. Services in exchange for services. 

Email: laurika.bretherton@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Laurika Bretherton

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