My first night on the road


My first night on my own on the road at the backpackers in Mossel Bay was fun and it was crazy. I hooked with the drifters, the ones who bum a bed wherever they can, the ones who drink beer and smoke weed – those ones. The ones who praat kak (talk shit) till the early morning hours and keep on saying “I got to go to bed now … work tomorrow” – those ones. The ones who hook for a few months and exchange stories and ideas and lives and sometimes bodily fluids – those ones. The ones who are free, totally free, the ones who don’t give a shit about society and its values or what people may think of them – those ones.

I reckon it was the tattoos that did it. You know I got some real intense ones now. You know the ones – the ones with the words just below my inner elbows. The ones I can’t hide when I wear short sleeves – those ones. The ones that say: freedom and redemption – yes those ones. The weird symbols on my wrists – those ones. The bright colours on my ankles. The continent on my shoulder the lines across my ribs – those ones. The tattoos were my opening to the free ones. 

The tattoos made me realise how much people judge you on your outside. How few people look past your ink and into your soul. The tattoos yes, they are both a barrier and a opening. I guess if they are a barrier, then the people who are on the other side of that wall are not meant to be in this life I have now. 

So yes I am learning now to say I don’t care what you think, this is me. I learned that from the free ones. My ink is a map. It tells the story of my life. Each one of the nine, marks a point in my life. Not all happy and not all good points, but they are scratched into my skin so I can remember. Remember where I came from and remember where I’m going. 

2 thoughts on “My first night on the road

  1. Love this my first night on the road, although i am not sure that anyone is ever really free, they might be freed from social status, money, performance but i think deep down there is still that something that they seek for, the drifters, drifting from something… Or towards something… Do you ever find it, who knows maybe your life get filled with other things like in my case loads of kids of the same age lol! But the longing, the wondering and wandering is still there, daily trying to break free of this controlled little world you created but then one day you wake up and that deep, longing for who knows what is there, so complete freedom, i am not so sure it ever exists. Hope you find it my friend xxx

    1. “but i think deep down there is still that something that they seek for, the drifters, drifting from something… Or towards something…” YES that is exactly it Ronel. I agree with you we all search for it, but we won’t find it completely because the whole point of life I think is about the search about the questions not necessarily the answers. Thank you my fellow searcher friend. We all take our own routes to find our answers. <3 xx

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