my reiki credentials and lineage

Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals 



Member of The Reiki Association 



Member of Reiki Forbundet Sweden



Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth South Africa (1994)

Usui Reiki I and II  with Reiki teacher Laurelle Gaia. (2002)

Volunteered at an animal shelter in Chicago, Illinois, working directly with the animals – cleaning cages, taking them for walks, feeding them and sharing Reiki with them. (2002)

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher with Reiki teacher Amanda Lamprecht. (2005)

Animal communication workshop with Amelia Kinkade (2006)

Active listening skills training in order to volunteer at UK Suicide helpline, The Samaritans (2006-2008).

Offered emotional support to prisoners at a London’s Wandsworth Prison (2008).

Dolphin Reiki Attunement with Linda Horton (2013)

Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification with Lisa Powers (2016)

Crystal Reiki Master / Teacher with Lisa Powers (2017)

Additional Training: Spiritual development with the Archangels and Spiritual development in the arms of your Guardian Angel with Ros Place and the complete Tarot reading course with Sal Jade.

I provide regular Reiki and Chakra clearing treatments online and at Raja Yoga Lund in Sweden, where I also give guided meditation classes. If you live in this region of Sweden, you can book times or find out more here.


Reiki is transmitted from teacher to student through attunements. You can call it an energy transfer that includes symbols and mantras. Every Reiki practitioner should be able to track their lineage back to Dr Usui. The lineage of your Reiki practitioner is an important factor, especially when you want to learn how to give Reiki.


reiki certificates