reiki at your workplace

Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique, has steadily gone mainstream over the past decade. People like Dr. Andrew Weill, Ellen DeGeneres, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Deepak Chopra have all promoted the positive effects of Reiki. Many people who practice yoga or receive regular massages, have often heard about Reiki. UK hospitals like St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South West London, use Reiki in their wards to help patients relieve stress, reduce pain and decrease discomfort.

You can now add Reiki to your company’s wellness program. Or offer it as a treat during your offsite team away days or at corporate events like sales conferences, during exhibitions, etc.

why reiki in the workplace?

In today’s always on world we are constantly trying to find a little peace and quiet. To just slow down and breathe a little bit. To take a step back from the challenges of office life. To have a moment of clarity so that we can make the right decision. To have the energy when we go back home at night to enjoy the activities that have nothing to do with work. These things can seem impossible at times.

what is reiki in the workplace?

Reiki in the workplace has been proven by Reiki practitioners across the world. Transmitted through hands held either lightly on the body or near it without touching. It is a gentle technique and is simple to administer.

What is needed: Two chairs, 20 minutes, private space if possible, one fully clothed employee minus the shoes.

what clients experience

Everyone experiences Reiki differently, but most people say they feel more relaxed and calmer after a session. Many of my clients say that they feel energized and motivated for the rest of the day, well into the evening. It relieves stress and clears the chatter in their mind which allows them to focus and listen to their inner guidance. Some report an increased clarity in their thinking, which assists in decision-making.

how and when to introduce reiki to your company

Large and small companies can incorporate Reiki into the workplace.

You can offer it as an ongoing weekly, bi-monthly or monthly service.

Anytime is perfect.  First thing in the morning. During UK elevenses or Swedish Fika time. Before a big presentation. During the afternoon chocolate slump. Anytime an energy boost is needed.

You can also offer it as a one-off event like a wellness day, as part of a team building session at an offsite day, or at a corporate event like a sales conference of exhibition.


Reiki treatments in the office can be arranged for half day or full day. I can also attend your offsite and corporate events.

about me

As a member of The Reiki Association, I work within the agreed Code of Ethics and Practice for Reiki and within those boundaries ensuring that all my clients and students receive the most professional treatments and training.

I offer Reiki at Raja Yoga Lund in Sweden, give regular meditation classes and also teach Reiki at the centre. I am a member of the Förenade Reikiförbundet in Sweden. Reiki is classified as Wellness in Sweden by the Swedish Tax Agency – a bonus for you and your employees.

I’ve been a certified Reiki practitioner since 2002 and a Reiki and meditation teacher since 2005. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa.

Having worked for many years in corporate communications, I have extensive knowledge of the business world and know the ethics and precesses within companies. I honour privacy and know how to manoeuvre this world.

To book my services or for more information email me at