Making little feel good magick charm bottles


making little feel-good bottle charms with herbs and seashells and seeds and crystal chips.

it comes in a small glass bottle sealed with red wax (4.5cm / 1.77inches high). you can wear it around your neck using the leather string that is attached to the bottle. or simply put it in you pocket, hang it by you window or place it next to your bed. the options are endless.

when you need a little boost you can either hold the bottle and rub the glass a little with your fingers or shake it if you’re in dire straights. help will come.

the bottle and ingredients are infused with reiki love and light and a whole lot of joy.

read through the ingredients and packaging details below to see if this is for you.  this makes a great gift also.



basil for positivity ⎯ rosemarysalt and garlic skin to banish negativity ⎯ mint to make it all work ⎯ chilli flakes to give a little spice to your life

crystal chips 

agate for easing anxiety and stress and enhances love ⎯ howlite for calmness and increased awareness and relieving emotional pain ⎯ fluorite for clarity and purpose ⎯ moonstone for protection, love and abundance


sea shells for the acceptance of change and knowing that life always continues – we also give a wink to the moon ⎯ purple glitter for good judgement and peace of mind ⎯ gold glitter for good health, happiness and good fortune ⎯ a seed and pinecone pieces to remember gaia as well as increase our confidence

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how to spend less


When you decide to live this location independent life, it often means that your income changes. Your monthly income will fluctuate. Some months you earn money, others you don’t. It’s similar to starting your own business I guess. Not every month, especially in the beginning, is going to be financially rewarding.

Keeping your expenses low makes it easier to manage these ups and downs.


First thing I did was cancel any unnecessary monthly costs. Do I really need Spotify and Netflix? Do I really need a mobile phone contract with high data? I’m hardly ever in the country where I signed my mobile phone contract. This means I have to pay crazy money to use it. And yes I know there are providers that allow me to use my mobile phone abroad without for a small amount every day (in my case £3). But, add all those daily fees up and pretty soon it can reach £80 per month.


I talked about rent in a previous post over here. Keep it low.

credit cards and other debt

Ditch your credit card. Or if you have to have one, transfer the amount of money into your card before you use it. How are you going to pay off a credit card with erratic to zero income?

impulse buying is evil

Don’t impulse buy. I really had to train myself with this one. I think out of everything this was the most difficult thing for me. Because I am a sucker for advertising. It works on me big time. I really believe that I have to have that thing I see in the magazine, on the screen. I really need it.

i changed my approach 

I don’t ask myself: Do I really need this item? The answer, in that moment in time is always a resounding yes. If I am in a store and see something I want, I don’t buy it. I leave, walk right out the door. If I see something online, I mark the item, even put it in my online shopping cart, but I don’t order it. I close the window and do something else. I wait a couple of days. Then I go back and if I still want it, I ask myself why do I want it. What will I do with it? What do I need to get rid of so that I can make space for this item.

Using this method I sometimes find the item is no longer available or the sale is over when I get back to it. And you know what, that’s not a bad thing, because the universe made the decision for me. And really is my life poorer for not having a specific item in my possession? Not really.

 Let me know in the comment box below if this was helpful and also what do you do to keep your expenses low.

I have reached the halfway mark


A few days ago I passed the halfway mark of this amazing journey I’m on. Halfway through the six months. In some ways it feels like I just landed a few days ago and others it feels like I have been here forever. When you reach some sort of a milestone you usually take a look at where you are heading and I am no different. I took a long good look at myself and my stocktaking led to some conclusions.

The biggest one? I still don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. But I do know how I feel. I wake in the morning and I feel right on my inside. Of course there are days when all I want to do is crawl under the nearest rock and just curl up there and hide. But I discovered that is part of me. It is okay to not always be happy. It is okay to shout at the world. It is okay to feel sad. There is nothing wrong with these feelings. So in a way I guess it meant that I have accepted myself. More honestly accept myself, for who I am. No hiding behind little sweet words and smiles. It is just me now. 

Part of this stocktaking also made me realise that this life I have now, just writing everyday, no matter whether it gets published or read, this is what I want to do. This is how I want my life to be. I met an amazing artist recently and she has this outlook on life that speaks to me in some way. Live life without worrying about it. Be free. Trust that you will be taken care of. Now for my control freak mind that would have been a total no go zone a few months ago. But have I not been doing exactly that for three months now? Have I not gotten in my car with no idea of where I am going, just a general direction and every night I have had a safe bed to sleep in? Every time I think shit I don’t know which way I’m going to go now to get out of this, some door opens and wham it is sorted? 

So the next step in this thinking is why can’t I do this when I get back to London? Why can’t I just trust things will take care of themselves? I don’t know. I don’t know if a person can be this free all the time. At some point you would want a more permanent place to stay right? Some sort of a home base that you can go back to, where your things are. Isn’t that just how we have been conditioned to think though? Or is it something inherently build into our DNA? Do we really need a place to call home? Do we need a roof and some walls? Here in South Africa I have my mom, she has been here every time I need a roof. Very patiently she takes me in every time. But in London I will be completely flying blind. Is that possible I wonder? Can a person do that?  

I have this very special person having my back up there in the northern hemisphere. He has been with me every step of this journey. He’s been there when I cry and think all is lost, he’s been there when I fly on my magic carpet, he’s been there to shake me awake when it had to be done, he’s been silent when he needed to be. In the end isn’t that all we need? Someone to be there for us. Someone we can trust with our insides? Maybe for now that is all I should think about. Just this amazing journey I am on and the amazing people I have around me supporting me. Not think about what happens in three months time. Just live in the moment like I have for the past three months and let the future sort itself out.