magicK potions in the hall

magicK potions in the hall

there’s a cabinet against my wall
it really is kinda small
inside i place my potions
and when someone needs assistance
i go through the motions
my ingredients always go the distance
if you do believe this tale i weave
know – for sure – that your ailment will leave

Making little feel good magick charm bottles


making little feel-good bottle charms with herbs and seashells and seeds and crystal chips.

it comes in a small glass bottle sealed with red wax (4.5cm / 1.77inches high). you can wear it around your neck using the leather string that is attached to the bottle. or simply put it in you pocket, hang it by you window or place it next to your bed. the options are endless.

when you need a little boost you can either hold the bottle and rub the glass a little with your fingers or shake it if you’re in dire straights. help will come.

the bottle and ingredients are infused with reiki love and light and a whole lot of joy.

read through the ingredients and packaging details below to see if this is for you.  this makes a great gift also.



basil for positivity ⎯ rosemarysalt and garlic skin to banish negativity ⎯ mint to make it all work ⎯ chilli flakes to give a little spice to your life

crystal chips 

agate for easing anxiety and stress and enhances love ⎯ howlite for calmness and increased awareness and relieving emotional pain ⎯ fluorite for clarity and purpose ⎯ moonstone for protection, love and abundance


sea shells for the acceptance of change and knowing that life always continues – we also give a wink to the moon ⎯ purple glitter for good judgement and peace of mind ⎯ gold glitter for good health, happiness and good fortune ⎯ a seed and pinecone pieces to remember gaia as well as increase our confidence

for sale at my store ⎯ here