weekly chakra balancing meditation

Join me Sunday on Zoom for a guided chakra balancing meditation.

During this gentle guided visualisation we will be working with the seven main chakras in our bodies. We will use color, light, and words to bring them back into balance. 

Do join me! It is free for anyone who wants to take part.

If you feel you want to make a donation you can do so on my paypal.me here: paypal.me/LaurikaBretherton111 

Find your time zone

11am Los Angeles (PDT)

2pm New York (UTC)

7pm London (BST)

8pm Stockholm (CEST)

8pm Johannesburg (SAST)

5am Monday Sydney (AEDT) – yeah sorry about that

2 thoughts on “weekly chakra balancing meditation

  1. Sooo excited for this!!!

    I live in Washington state in the US. I live in the Pacific Standard time Zone… what is yours?

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