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I’m an experienced copy writer, journalist, corporate communications manager and public relations. I’ve worked with companies like: Microsoft, Cisco, Text 100, Hotwire PR, Compuware and EasyNet.

My strength lies in my decades of experience in developing and managing international communications plans. I’m a great storyteller and a patient and supportive spokesperson trainer. And yes, I write a mean messaging document.

I also enjoy working with small businesses and individuals to help them develop their business strategy and tell their company and personal stories. Examples: charities, hairdressers, psychic and energy healers, musicians and photographers.

If you’re looking for a reliable professional who can write great content, approach each of her projects with the excitement it deserves, and who’s manoeuvred, successfully might I add, the turbulent waters of office politics, takeovers, mergers and general company chaos, talk to me. I’m excited to work with you.

my services

I am a great storyteller who finds gold nuggets in the mundane. I can help you shape and tell your personal and / or business story with confidence and finesse. As well as helping you shape it into an elevator pitch, developing it into a speech or presentation (with or without powerpoint); I will also practice with you so that you can share it with confidence.

Currently I write for technology companies – both big and small. I’m also features editor of the Reiki Association’s Touch magazine.

If you have any questions or want to know a little more about my services, please drop me an email. I am a friendly!


LinkedIn: Laurika Bretherton

client appreciation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Laurika now for more than 5 years as an analyst and also in her role of providing editorial services for Creative Intellect Consulting. In both roles I have found Laurika to be diligent, adaptable and incredibly responsive. Quality work delivered and an engaging experience is how I would summarize our interactions, which, in my opinion, are highly prized requirements when serving the analyst community.”

Bola Rotibi, Creative Intellect Consulting, Research Director: software development, delivery and lifecycle management, United Kingdom  

“Laurika is a communications professional at heart. Her journalist eye, combined with her vast experience in managing cross-border (PR) campaigns and agencies makes her an all-round professional. She is very committed, detailed, result-oriented, creative and a very pleasant colleague to work with.
I would recommend Laurika for any position in journalism/communications/PR.”

Berith Behrens, Communications Manager, Benelux

“As EMEA manager responsible for Public Relations and Analyst Relations, Laurika was my main contact for interviews (I was the EMEA spokesman for Project Portfolio Management). She is a media-savvy professional who was always able to find the right journalists and analysts with the right briefings, thus paving the way for our many successful interviews in both the IT and the business press.”

Michael Gentle, Cofounder at Fly Another Day (Reference from his time at Compuware)