You can fly

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There once was a little girl who looked up into the sky and saw a bird flying up there. She decided to follow it, this beautiful wild bird with the bright colours of freedom. She ran after the bird.  She laughed as it swooped down and then soared high again. She ran and ran all the while looking up into the sky paying no heed, no attention, to what was around her. 

When her breath was gone she stopped and looked around her at the place she was at. She didn’t recognise it. She had no idea where she was. She looked up up into the sky. Where was the bird the beautiful wild bird? She turned around and around. She listened for its song. It was not there. Nowhere.

Slowly from inside there came a gentle nudge. She felt it. A song inside of her. She looked down at her body and saw colours, bright colours, and her arms, they had turned into wings. She was a beautiful bird now. She could fly now. She stretched her wings out. Wide wide they were and so bright. When the sunlight caught them they were shining like fairy dust glitter. She flapped them once twice faster faster. Her feet no longer touched the ground. They lifted up they lifted high into the sky. She flew she flew on her own. She could choose. She could go anywhere she wanted too. She was free.

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  1. So lovely to be able to follow your journey here. Take care. Sending a big hug. Xoxo

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